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Monday, August 15, 2005

Horror Profile

Although I am using a slight variation of the real pic on '', this is his script after sending me a *wink*:

About me and who I'd like to date:

"lonele and need a friend need a good companion looking for a woman to be a good friend and maybe lover if that developes no one cares for me now and i am so lonely for someone to care about me i worship women."

YIKES! Creepy! No winkin back at this one!
Hurray! MommaK and girls are back home1 I met them at the airport to help with bags. Boy, Dulles is soooo easy to get in and out of!! The girls miss their pets and are anxious to see them again. MommaK is very smart and waiting until tomorrow to round up the four-legged troops - gives her a good night's catch up on sleep! Just knowing my girls are safe and nearby is comforting!

Music has a way of penetrating deep into my soul and can open doors of emotion, create euphoria, goosebumps, tears and laughter. Music can brighten any mood and provide the hope - sometimes just that temporary bridge from reality to fantasy - the very best medicine without a prescription! Classical music is a wonderful background to wake up to, to hum along with as I clean - I often amaze myself at how well I remember the score. Country music is my 'recess' from life. Easy and fun to sing with themes that relate to anyone's life. There's a new one out about a guy who has to make the big decision between his fishing and his girlfriend. I have to laugh - how pathetic but a great crowd song. I'm sure there will soon be a followup female version. Great Karaoki material - have to stay up on this in order to sing with my daughters!

So we stopped at Borders after dinner tonight and I felt the urge to find some 'feel good' music. Here is what I bought and why:

1) Il Divo - On my God what voices and looks - four singing Greek Gods! I first heard them sing at the National Monument tribute on July 4th and I was left speechless. David, Sebastian, Urs, and Carlos, I love you!

2) Josh Groban - another gorgeous male voice so I have been told. He was recommended to me by a friend when I mentioned I fell in love with Michael Buble after MommaK gave me his CD "It's Time". So I have some exploring to do here and will let you know if I think Josh is on a par with Michael. Michael is a baby Frank Sinatra with soul!

3) WICKED - Well, maybe there are times when I need to explore this side of me! :) The musical is coming to DC this winter and MommaK and family want to see it with me. I'm very surprised at this because, even to this day MommaK can't get past the evil witch and the monkey scene in the wizard of Oz. So we may have to bring a paper bag and ear plugs for her. Her darling younger daughter, on the otherhand, will be entranced! I like to learn all the music and the score before I see a musical so that I perfectly understand every detail. There usually is so much happening on the stage that, if you are concentrating on the understanding the lyrics you miss the staging and interaction of the actors and often the story line.

So there you have it - my pick for the summer!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Update on Life

Tomorrow is the big official debut of my new home. I'm not counting family and a couple of friends who have come by. No, tomorrow is the unveiling! I am hosting our annual planning meeting for the Alexandria Singers (usually about 5 hours in length) which obligates me to provide food and drink to get us through the long agenda. I expect 12 people to squeeze into my not so big living room. All day I have been preparing the menu! Considering the atrocious heat, I thought cool food would be more appetizing. So I have prepared two salads for pita stuffing and will compliment these with a big fresh fruit salad. One salad is crab with a touch of curry and the other is an almond chicken salad with dried cranberries and fresh cilantro tossed with yogurt and honey. Hmmmmm - this is my favorite!

To top off the lunch I have made hazelnut brownies which I still have to put on the icing in the morning.

BUT!!! I took out time to do a mad makeover and drive up to Friday's to meet Mr. 43 Yr old since he continued to insist on meeting, even after the Drainmaster excuse of Wednesday. He was so nice in his emails I felt I at least owed him the meeting - let's just get it over with. Reminds me a little bit of .....(what's his name from Meet the Parents?). He's Italian, so dark complexion and hair. He put me at ease right away as we went into Friday's and sat up at the bar. First of all, he's a gentleman - no hesitation there. As we were walking to our seats, he turned around and said "By the way, you really look very nice" and he broke out in a big warm smile. At least this time the makeover was worth the effort!!

The conversation flowed easily from his familty to mine, his work to mine, his hobby's and mine. He is very active which certainly interests me! For fun he windsurf, sails, skis, grows a vegetable garden, goes to Redskins/Nationals games and spends a lot of time with his family's children. Accordingly to his profile, he's never been married but in committed relationships. That conversation as well as my bumpy past can be saved for a later date. It was the perfect way to set up a first meeting in that he had to be at his brothers at 8 pm so we only could have one drink - about an hour's worth of time together. But he (Mike) enjoyed the time and was anxious to see me again and suggested a movie. So Wednesday we're seeing Wedding Crashers - thought something light and funny would be good. AND he refused to let me pay for my drink!

Mr. 43 Year Old helped me get past my frogitis from last weekend. Nice to know that I don't have to resort to the 'retired and ready for the grave' types!

It's Sunday morning and here is an email I received from Mr. 43YO:

Date received: August 13, 2005
Subject: hello
Hi !! I very much enjoyed meeting you, you'r very comfortable and easy to talk to and you have nice lips also if you don`t mind me saying :). I look forward to seeing you wed.Mike

Ok, so I 'allowed' a quick kiss at our parting - afterall he IS Italian!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Sign

The kitchen sink clogged up due to a malfunction in the disposal (I suppose) and the only time Mr. Drainmaster could come out was tomorrow evening. So alas! I must cancel my second Frog date. I'm having trepidation anxiety after Saturday's experience anyway. I take this as a sign from my female spirits! Not giving up but think I'll keep the communication in the format of emails only for a while. I actually have three interesting men on the line - one is anxious to talk by phone - I don't know - that really seems wierd!

Anyway, attached are three pictures of me performing in our annual Alexandria Singers show:

Here we are all dressed in formals singing a medley from Phantom of the Opera. Because several of us chose maroon or red dresses, I had to wear a gold shawl to give some color contrast. Can you find me?

OK, I know it looks like I have a diaper on but it's supposed to resemble a Spanish skirt. We are singing "Do you hear the drums, Fernando" from Abba. My friends, Marla and Val, are really into the song.

Here we all are in our blue vests singing a balad. Can you find me? Remember I'm the Back Row of the Front Row Dancers.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Frog #1!

I have taken the giant step into 'online dating'. Not that I am emotionally or financially dependent on having a male partner - but I am an admitted heterosexual who enjoys male company. But this stage of my life, it will be on MY terms....Finally.

I'm going into this recognizing that I've already struck out twice - what does that tell me?
#1) First male who gave me the least bit of attention - grab him - escape from the stiflingly control of my mother.
#2) Nice guy, a little quirky, but a seemingly good family man. Marry him for the father you need for your daughters.

In retrospect, not really good reasons to commit yourself to LIFE with a person. But being the good Catholic girl, I was always taught to put myself, my own needs and desires, behind those of others. Over the years, that has a way of ambushing you from all sides !

Anyway, on to this dating thing. My son-in-law casually commented the other day "Hey, Mom, have you been dating yet?" and he seemed surprised when I answered "no, not hardly". Honestly, there's that whole 'get to know the other person' crap that overwhelms me. I want it easy - not a tideous task!

I stated out by completing the '' profile. After about 20 pages of questions I finally finished what I thought would be a simple questionnaire (somewhere around 1 am in the morning!) and was provided with a compact summary of "me" with which I honestly was downright impressed. So I pushed the final button to sign up and DRAT - I failed. They don't take quasi-separated people, only fully certified divorced, widowed or never-committed singles. Darn. I can imagine that a mutual match on eHarmony probably does 99% of the search for you! Maybe next year.

So I turned to "". Their profile is much less sophisticated - they accept pretty well any marital status as long as the person is honest. What the heck! I signed up for 1 month and filled out the profile. Once you join, you are able to search for possible matches either by so-called 'mutual criteria' or by geographical area. I tried both and read profiles until the wee hours of the morning (now you know why I have neglected my blog friends - a noble cause). If you come across someone that stikes your interest you have two options: (1) you can select one option which is a *wink* whick simply tells the person that you are interested. This tives the 'winkee' the opportuity to check my profile and yada yada. Or (2) Email them. If you don't get winked back or emailed you can feel fairly certain you failed the "profile test". The webpage told me that my chances improve by 50% if I post pictures. I didn't have any recent pictures - just of myself or without holding a glass of wine (!) so MommaK was gracious enough to come over a snap these:
Well, it seems these created the magic ingredient because I have received several winks and emails from interested guys over the past week. Let me tell you about Frog #1 since he has now been 'experienced' and discarded:

Even before he saw my picture, #1 Frog was anxious to meet. I could tell from his profile that this was an intelligent guy (PHD etc) which could offer some interesting diversion to my past associations. In the second email he gave me his phone number and name which surprised me as I assumed the rules called for discretion. He was anxious to meet and suggested lunch out today at a restaurant halfway between our homes. I mentioned that I already had to take my car in for a 3 hour scheduled maintenance at 8 am today so couldn't make it. He took the bait and suggested picking me up at the dealership and going out for breakfast. Hey! What do I have to lose? Three hours sitting in a dealership vs a good breakfast with possibly good company. I accepted.

The morning came and I'm up at 5:30 jumping into my extra notch beauty regimen. Lots of nice lotion to smell sexy, put on the push up bra for that tantalizing illusion, iron the clothes, curl the hair, make up just so. Ok I look as good as I'm going to get and I head out to the dealership. Now, mind you, I look drastically more appealing that the rest of my fellow car owners who may have simply crawled out of bed. Frog#1 appears a few minutes after the designated hour of 9:00 am. I wonder if he noticed (or if I camouflaged my inner disgust) my initial reaction? Uncombed hair, unkempt look, work or yard clothes (who knows?) with little lint balls all over the shirt, and yes, the dreaded body odor. Did he just crawl out of bed too? Crap! All this effort and this is what I get? How can I get out of this? Huh? Oh yeah. The diner is down the road. Oh God! What was I thinking? His car is littered with paper and carried a musty odor that further turned my stomach as he slowly dropped his aging body into the driver's seat. (But the profile says you jog every day?? You can barely walk more less jog!). We start out of the parking lot and I realize my life is in the hands of a lunatic driver. He pulls out into highway traffic with horns blowing, turns left on a red light (is that legal somewhere?) and crawls up the road at a disturbingly slow pace. OK the guy can't drive - maybe he can't see either - probably explains why he thought my picture was beautiful!

We're in the Silver Diner and I'm focused on eating - hoping he'll just shut up. No, he's ready with his dating interrogatory which I answer as honestly but vaguely as possible. I make it clear that the breakfast is dutch and there is no objection. (hmmm) Then he pulls out a piece of paper and asks for my 'specifics'. (My measurements???) He wants my name, address, phone etc. No way, lets keep this just a friendly breakfast - we can exchange this in future emails (not likely) but I prefer not to give out this information at the first meeting. That did not sit well and he explained that if I wanted to make this dating thing work I needed to be more trustful. Yeah, well maybe after the 3rd or 4th date - ok? So he sees the possibility of a relationship (yuk) between us is a bit slim to none and as we finish paying the bill he states: "Well, since it doesn't look like this is going to work out between us, you don't mind if I just leave you here, do you?" I realized he was joking but I didn't bat a eyelash when I said - "if you must. I can always catch a cab". He did take me back to the dearlership - never a happier moment than stepping out of that car ......after he insisted on kissing my hand. AGGGHHHA!!! Here are his parting words to me in an email later:

Such a pleasure to meet you, and share conversation. You seem so easy to hang out with, get along with. You seem to have done well with the main things. All the best to you as you search. I think most guys would like to know any degree of enthusiasm a woman feels for him. For a woman with your communication skills, which are outstanding, many men would be easy to manage and mold, for a woman inclined to be a sculptress. Seems to me you no longer need nurturing from your daughters, who are well off and on their own. I enjoyed your company.

What does he mean by the "main things"???

"I think most guys would like to know any degree of enthusiasm a woman feels for him." - translated means: You didn't seem very impressed with me. If you want to impress a guy you need to fall over him a bit more than you did with me this morning.

I shall keep you informed of any other rendevous in the near future. Possible dinner with a 43 yr old next Wednesday. He's (1) lying about his age (2) has poor eyesight (3) can't count or (4) is looking for a mother. We shall see! Also have a neat musican who plays Bluegrass interested. He comes across very genuine. This is exhausting!

Good night!

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

History of Hair - My Hair

When I watch the evolution of my 'hair' from youth until the present day, I see life's irony. It's like wisdon and old age - it would have served us much better in our youth!

I was born with coarse, thick hair and learned at an early age that it was my lifelong enemy. Apparently before I can remember, I charmed the world with my long Shirley Temple locks, but somewhere around the age of 7, my hair chose to control me! Because of it's thickness and unruliness, my mother decided to keep is short. I was affectionately known as 'porcupine'.

In middle school I took over the care of my hair and curled it religiously each night with hard prickly rollers and bobby pins. It would smooth out the frizz but leave my head a zig zag terrain of hills and valleys. Swimming was a disasterous experience for me as I could never let my hair dry at the pool or beach - always keep it wet until you get home. Humidity was my defeat. In five minutes you could witness the PING of frizz.

High School was no better except that I had a portable hair dryer - you know the ones with the hood and coil connecting you to the heater? I could now fix my hair and dry it in a two hour process in case I had plans in the evening.

How I longed for the straight or bobbed look of the 60s!

My first real break was the convent! Three years of living under a veil - what luxury - I was on a par with everyone else now - hair was not an issue. (Unfortunately there were many OTHER issues that didn't allow this non-reality show to continue)

I was determined to walk down the aisle on my wedding day with shoulder length hair. How did I do it? I wore a damn wig for an entire 6 month period before the wedding, received unbelievable teasing and put-downs from my family. But I had the hairstyle of my dreams on my wedding day - even in the heat and humidity of August. I think I had a whole bottle of hair spray on. Three days after the wedding I had it all cut off and I threw out the wig!

Soon came the miracle of the blowdryer in the 70s, followed by 'relaxers' which acted like reverse perms. And the Hot Rollers - burned my hands on those many a time! I started to have better control - could begin looking into a mirror without cringing. (This one really DOES look like me!!)

Now, in the eve of my life, where 'lookin good' is not as terribly necessary as 30 years ago, I have an abundance of products (smoothers, straightening gels, improved relaxers) and gaggets (the all powerful straightening iron). My hairstylist 'counsels' me on the best products to use to achieve the look I want. He's helping me learn how to control the thickness by how he cuts and trains the hair. I now have a longer, straighter look than I have ever had in my life! I feel good about it, and it makes me look younger - Ha!

Of course, my mother is quick to tell anyone that I have simply ruined my hair and it's all just going to fall out one of these days! Hey! I'll be bald with a smile!

So MommaK thinks I should post a picture of the NEW me with straight hair - here goes. Notice the soft flow of hair as it brushes my face!

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