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Friday, September 30, 2005

OK I'm plunging back in again!

Although I am probably not on the correct 'day' to do this, let me try:


1. Will life ever slow down enough to allow me to accomplish both the mundane and necessary as well as the pined-for luxuries such as (1) a hot long bath (2) REGULAR EXERCISE (3) playing Barbies with the girls (4) an afternoon of reading (5) consistent and meaningful blogging?

2. My love life is on temporary - maybe Permanent total - hold. The normal ones are either shy or otherwise busy. I seem to attract the weird ones. They either just stop calling or send me lovely cards like this one:

Message at bottom of card:

Good luck on your search. Wishing you love, luck and joy ahead.
Glad to have met you.
Take care,

Now, you might think this is sweet but I'm confused as to what made him feel the friendship was over. I called him and left a message that I couldn't meet him for dinner the next day because of an emergency Board meeting (the truth) - suggested that we meet the following day. Maybe he read the boredom in my voice. Nice guy but too many characterics of others I've had the pleasure of living with. I liked his intelligence (a unique trait) - he's very into the Arts and I found that fascinating. But he's cheap, poor, likes the simple life, quotes scripture (perhaps over the edge here). See the similarity? When I'm dating these guys I ask the question: "Would I feel comfortable introducing him to my girls". Nah! Not one has passed that test yet.

3) Work is still hectic with limited staffing but there is hope on the horizon. We should soon be able to go back to Flex Days - giving me every other Monday off! I have had one client's representative, of foreign descent, who was not familiar with American business culture and would call me in the evenings and weekends - including vacations (!) with his inane questions. Glad to say he quit his job and went back to Mama in the 'Land of the Sands' as he called it. I only hope I played a small part in the decision. Good riddance to a rude rugrat!

4) Had a wonderful time in Nashville/Murfreesburo last weekend with my baby! We celebrated her birthday - shopped for a few household 'things' - met Rugdesigner and her hubby for lunch (WHAT FUN!) - I have a gift waiting for you, MommaK! Met two of Bobbe's new friends and felt right at home with them - saw a cute chick/flick Just Like Heaven - and had dinner with Tom and Diane, friends from work.

5) Yes, I had a fanastic time on my vacation last month in Vermont, Boston and Maine with my brother, and his soulmate. We were sequestered away from all news in the Vermont mountains - even our cell phones failed us! We were treated to lazy days of hiking, reading, napping (if you know my brother!) and gourmet meals! (TRULY gourmet) Staying at a B&B allows you to easily mingle with the guests which proved most entertaining. Spent a day driving across New Hampshire and Maine to the coast all the while enjoying the remnants of Katrina. I can see why my brother wants to eventually retire to the Maine coast. The many inlets and islands make for breathtaking views. We walked until I thought my feet were going to fall off! (Yeah - well I didn't bring the right shoes!) Enjoyed three fun events with my brother: (1) playing billiards in his rec room - I didn't do too badly! (2) Beat HIM at lawn croquet - plenty of practice from our backyard family games (3) Going for my very first Kayaking trip on the river near his home. Just a two hour trip - any longer and my leg muscles would have atrophied! It was bad enough that my brother had to lift me out of the kayak - I do not have the strength in my upper arms to lift up and back out of the seat. I suppose I could have rolled over but that would not have been cool!

6) Along with visiting my brother I also spent the weekend with my dear SIL in Boston. What a perfect weather weekend! We walked, and walked, and walked and walked. Man she is used to it - if I had know exactly how far we were going to be walking I doubt that I would have made it. We were headed to a Ceramics shop to make 'something' - time to laugh and be creative! With each corner turned, I hoped we were there.......... ah finally! What a sweetheart - she had already planned to take the train back home! We each made remarkably 'artsy' soap dishes and had to leave them there to be glazed. I will receive mine on her next visit to DC. We treated ourselves to dinner and a show featuring Idena Menzel (from Wicked). What a voice and very entertaining. Idena described her early years of being a Wedding Singer for Jewish celebrations - hysterically funny and believable. She ended the show with "Gravity" from Wicked.

7) So..... I bought the book and the CD and MommaK is scouting the best ticket/times to see WICKED. We'll plan it around Christmas so that all the girls can go together. But I would recommnd that you read the book and learn the music first!

8) Finally Fall has arrived and I can turn off the A/C and open my windows! My favorite season!

9) Joined the choir at our neighborhood Church and am impressed with the size, talent, friendliness and professionalism of the group. Maybe another opportunity to meet new friends in the area.

10) I am the official 'membership VP' of our Singer s Group which requires that I facilitate the audition process. It also allows me to sit in and watch the agony and hysterics! It thoroughly amazed me that people with absolutely no musical ability would belt out a song with utmost confidence and never hit one of the notes in the accompaniment. We would start the audition by bring the group of auditionees together and teach them very (I mean VERY) simple dance moves. After 5 to 6 times of practicing a 1 minute routine we would ask them to dance it alone. Holy Moly! The men especially were a stitch! Out of 13 who auditioned, 9 were accepted. Pretty good odds.

11) I have set up an appointment at the 'MAX' cosmetic counter at Nordstrom for both my second daughter, AM and me tomorrow. We will learn what Fall colors look best on our skin and hopefully find new and most likely expensive ways to look young and alluring! If we don't spend all our money there, we will do some clothes shopping and head out to hopefully meet up with MommaK for dinner. AM is spending the night so I look forward to some mutual pampering time!

12) Heading to Rehobeth Beach Delaware Sunday for 3 days at on Oceanfront hotel - business expense!!! Taking continuing ed to keep up my insurance license and designations. Not bad! Will check out the outlets and do considerable walking! Meeting up with old family friends for dinner one night.

13) Wow 13 is a lot of things to think of !! I'm thinking that I need to head to bed so that I can rush like crazy tomorrow morning and clean this place before AM arrives. It takes a visitor to motivate me to clean!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Vacation Photos




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