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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time Off!

I have almost two weeks of 'PTO' left this year and, with December being our busiest month of the year (where no vacation is possible), I have decided to take a few days - somewhat spontaneously! Tomorrow, Friday and Monday - who whoo!!

I will have 4 houseguests - two daughters, a future son-in-law (one of these days!) and my brother - squeezed into my two bedroom ONE BATH condo. Remember the days of only one bathroom in your home and each person had an assigned time - almost like clockwork? Maybe I might need to set up some such schedule. I could put one of these on the balcony. ...

So tomorrow is my cleaning catchup day - run to the grocery store and possibly check in at the hair salon for a haircut and manicure. Friday I pick up daughter #3 in the AM and we'll probably scout out some early morning shopping for just the right dress for her. Then we swing back and pick up big brother in mid-afternoon (I live 10 minutes from Dulles!) A fun filled weekend awaits us - to be reported in detail at a later date!


Two of my Singer friends and I were chatting with another Singer who has volunteered to help us update our group's website. She mentioned that it will be difficult for her to find the time to devote to this job because she is taking a class which consumes most of her time. The course subject is how to effectively set up your own business. I asked her what type of business and she explained that her niche involves the care and maintenance of cats after an owner's death as well as the selling of 'cat' funeral packages. As my jaw dropped, she went on to explain that she will be advertising her services to cat owners who are very concerned about the welfare of their animals should they pass first. I took quick looks at my two friends - assuming at first that this was just a joke. I was a half of inch away from saying "yeah, right, now what is the real business you are researching?" but there was only serious faces on my friends - no sign of any suppressed "Baaa Haa Haa" which was begining to crawl up to my throat - ready to explode.

Her 'how to" literature for cat owners details what to place in the final Will and Testiment that will provide funding and transfer of ownership to her firm. She will set up a network of foster-care cat caretakers who will, for a fair price, adopt the darling kitties for a contracted period of time. The contract will absorb the costs of regular salon visits, special dietary needs and vet vists/meds.
Also, within the contract are detailed instructions for the funeral and/or simple burial of the beloved pet from the cost-conscious 'wrap 'em in newspaper and pocket the $' to the memorial of all memorials ..............

I will keep you updated on how her business takes off!

--The Leading Lady-- | 9:06 PM | 11 comments