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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Where does the time go!

Maybe if I start again with the Thursday Thirteen, I'll start to get into the grove again!

1) I am recovering today from a two week marathon of preparation and delivery of a mega work proposal which I am happy to say was successfully delivered today.........followed by recoup drinks at the 'swank-i-fied 1941 Club' (or was it the 1491 Club?- who cares?) Another notch in my belt as a precurser to presenting my new position model of 'client executive' to upper management.

2) Ah Christmas holidays! Good memories, great gifts and wonderful food! I am enjoying my:

a) new 'do everything but wash the dishes' printer/scanner/copier!

b) My set of Karaoke CDs which will help me learn some numbers so I'm prepared the next time the 'sisters' take me out!

c) the wonderful adventure that lies ahead when I figure out all the inticacies of my new keyboard! Already ordered some music online and hope to state taking pre-programed lessens soon.

3) Saw lots of my daughters - all three - this holiday season which I consider a priceless gift!

4) Survived another hectic season of singing with 9 different engagements in December AND (I must have been crazy to volunteer for this!) I co-hosted our Singers Christmas show this year. Whew! Way too much memorization for this brain - but I figure I strengthened the old noddin and moved the big "A" further down the road. My family braved another production and claimed I did ok!

5) Been a long time since I sang in a choir but joined a local Church with a fabulous choir in September and we performed on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas morning. So glad my daughter and mother could hear us!

6) I'm being courted by a very prestegious brokerage firm for a coveted position including a salary of 'blinking proportion'! It's nice to not be in any hurray and be in charge of the process. Doubt that I will take it seriously but hope to use it as leverage where I currently work.

7) New Year's Eve will be a simple night of dinner and socializing with Mom, sister and some of my Mother's friends. I'll spend the night in her sauna apartment and allow her to pamper me! Maybe next year I can tell you I plan to dance all night with a special someone!

8) Gearing up for the New Year's list of resolultions. I look forward to the 'clean start' that January brings. Being a better blogger is one of them!

9) Had a houseful of daughter and friends last night and relished the laughter and stories. Delivered her to the airport this morning for the trip back to Nashville and on with life!

10) Tomorrow night I'm checking out a 'Jazz' place nearby with a friend and next week I am seeing 'WICKED' with two Singer friends. It will be hard to contain myself - I'll want to sing along! This musical has taken DC like a storm! Tickets sold out in 7 hours!

11) I'm glad to hear MommaK is considering an escape away next Christmas - well deserving! Kudos to a fabulous dinner, gifts and time together.

12) I'm already feeling like I may not have been generous enough to my little girls - feel the need to do more shopping. Maybe have them over...........Won a Nordstrom gift card and ordered some snazzy boots online - guaranteed to keep the toes warm!

13) Since I only enjoyed 3 hours of sleep last night..........I'm heading there with a calm sense of accomplishment tonight!

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