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Monday, January 09, 2006

Christmas Thoughts & Photos!

Here is a cute one of my condo all decorated for Christmas!

A couple of neat presents!

I won my very first (in my life!) door prize at our office Christmas party - $100 gift card to Nordstorm! So I bought some insurance against any snow storms happening in 2006! Comfy snug 'toe warmers'.

Now here is the fun gift!! Ever since I moved from Maryland and sold my trusty piano I have been without any musical assistance with my Singers' repertoire. Lots to learn to understand: how I can include percussion, different orchestra instrument sounds, timing and I don't even know what else!! Yes, you see a 'WICKED' song book as I'm trying to learn some of these pieces. Going to the Kennedy Center production this week and can't wait to be immersed in the wonderful sound and performance!

What Christmas would be complete without a little sibbling rivilry!

This is the top of my Christmas tree before my Christmas Eve dinner - one lone little angel announcing the festivities!

Sometime during the laughter, eating and reminiscing, MommaK's kindergarden star with her picture attached, somehow crawled up the tree from it's designated station to take out the angel.

Her two sibblings are correctly positioned below her in what might be considered 'pecking order'.

As I was cleaning up after the party I noticed that the MIDDLE child could not allow this to happen and most likely took out her sister as she was walking out the door.....behind her. HA!

The youngest, being the baby, is quite secure in her position - I would assume!

Now, I must brag on myself because I just took on a project that scared me to death! I bought a 2 drawer UNASSEMBLED file cabinet. Now just how hard could it be - for someone who has virtually no mechanical sense. As the song goes "I know what I was feeling but what was I thinking?" I was feeling like "WOMAN" - liberated female who can attack any job, large or small, (as long as there isn't a lot of muscle required!). How hard could it be???

The box was frickin heavy - I had the store load it in my car and I used my trusty grocery cart to lug it up to my apartment where I deposited it on the living room floor.

I was not going to panic at the 10 page detailed instructions nor the 100+ pieces involved. Logic told me to first:

1) sort out all the pieces by type

2) confirm from the instructions that I had everything that was listed.

Then I began to go to page at a time. And it started making sense and was actually way COOL. I always wondered how carpenters attached two pieces of wood without leaving a trace! I learned about how a CAM can be inserted and locked into place. I was just amazed with each step of the process. The instructions could not have been clearer - pictures are 1 million words! I would have finished it last night but it involved hammering certain pieces in place and the hour was 9:00 pm - must be considerate of my neighbors. I waited until 9:30 this morning and proceeded with the rest of my work - unfortunately receiving shouts from either upstairs or downstairs to stop the noise (go figure!). Inappropriate so I continued on - luckily no pounding at my door. So here is the product of my work:

Now, I do humbly recognize my limitations and will not mess with larger projects and certainly anything to do with electricity. I have been hunting for just the right chandalier or light fixture for my dining alcove (not actually a room). I found it this weekend on Smart Bargains and have asked my magnificently talented SIL to install for me!

I just LOVE Tiffany anything! What do you think?

Retail Value: $359.00
Our Price: $109.99
You Save 69% (Wha-hoo!)

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